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Hana Ishikawa
Hana Ishikawa is a Project Designer at Site Design Group, Ltd., often leading the design process with complex, yet thoughtful ideas. Hanaís projects have ranged from master planning of modern entertainment complexes, traditional commercial interiors, and historic streetscapes to contemporary urban parks.

Her contributions to the firm include the design, detailing, and project management of the firmís urban parks, including Park 542, Phase 2 of Ping Tom Memorial Park and Stearns Quarry Environmental Park. Constantly looking for visually enticing environments from the rigid structure of classical aesthetics to cutting-edge modern design, whether it is conceptual designs or construction details, she enjoys merging innovation and logic into all aspects of design. Born into a family of designers in Tokyo, with her unique educational history and eclectic job history at many different types of firms, her experience is diverse.

Hana has an excellent sense of direction. She often surprises people when they ask her for directions by drawing an overzealous map for them. Hana is also fluent in Japanese.

Bachelor of Architecture, 2006, Illinois Institute of Technology/Carnegie Mellon University