Chicago Loop Alliance: Lightscape Behind the Scenes

"Lightscape: A Multisensory Experience on State Street"

Expanding on the Chicago Loop Alliance’s place making program, Site Design Group designed this custom lighting installation located along State Street in Chicago’s busy downtown shopping and business district. From morning to night, the programmable LED lights are uniquely choreographed to seasonally themed songs. Designed to be a year-round attraction, Lightscape breaks new ground in branding and placemaking, celebrating Chicago’s historic State Street in a new and exciting way.

Site Design Group led a collaborative team of lighting designers, electrical engineers, programmers, and fabricators to create a modern interpretation of Chicago’s native prairie. Utilizing materials that are both durable and attractive, this installation is designed to both sway in the wind and withstand the harsh Chicago environment for years to come. By using low-energy LED lights in place of costly temporary holiday lighting displays, Lightscape advances Chicago’s standing as a leader in smart energy use.

Formally unveiled on Monday, November 21st, In partnership with the Chicago Loop Alliance, State Street Commissioners and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.