how we work

designing spaces that create a sense of place
The magic of public space is defined by a design process predicated on understanding the past, current and future needs of the community and its environment. Our method of evolving beauty from function requires seamless collaboration and communication. The synthesis of a disciplined practice and unfettered exploration garnishes both clarity and insight.

The urban park creates a spirit of belonging. It is one of the modern cities’ greatest gifts to its citizens. It provides a place to congregate, bond and grow together. It offers peace of mind and continuity of life. The green punctuates the concrete and steel, becoming an oasis for young and old, rich and poor, colorful and colorless. This is the concept of community.

The way we perceive our lives is based on how we perceive our surroundings. The sights and sounds, textures and aromas of our environment permeate our senses to enrich and delight our sense of well being. The creation of space, intimate or enormous, dark or light, warm or cold, determines how we breathe, how fast our hearts beat, how we sense ourselves and interact with each other. Through a collaborative effort, trust and refinement of our designs, we will create a timeless impact on the environments and the people that inhabit them.

Sparkle. With every project that we encounter, this is our goal. Make it sparkle. With vibrancy or restraint, excitement or tranquility, each site possesses its own unique character, lending to the sparkle of the space.